OEM / ODM - Shengyuhua Tech Providing One Stop Shopping Brand Service

OEM / ODM - Shengyuhua Tech Providing One Stop Shopping Brand Service

We are a China manufacturer from 2006, mainly focus on craft popular products - epoxy resin, UV resin, silicone rubber, pigment, silicone mold customized and other DIY discovery.

Our factory have many years of OEM and ODM experience. The formula and customize service can be adjusted according to customer needs. Choosing us can make your quality better and packing more exquisite.

As a long-term supplier to B2C sellers, we are dedicated to providing you with competitive pricing and comprehensive solutions that simplify your operations and enhance your brand presence. From custom packaging and labels to free labeling services, OEM capabilities and direct FBA shipping, we offer a range of services to support your business growth on Amazon/Etsy/Ebay...

Contact us to discuss your wholesale needs If you're an B2C seller looking to tap into the growing market for craft projects. We are here to assist you! Explore product options and learn how we can assist you in expanding your business in the craft market on Amazon/Etsy/Ebay... Together, let's tap into the exciting craft world!



Contact: Hatty Gong

Phone: +8613348399109

Tel: +8613338468109


Add: Building 27, Longxiangli, Longhua Road, Siming District, 361001, Xiamen City, Fujian Province, CN

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