Comprehensive comparative analysis of AB glue and UV glue

Comprehensive comparative analysis of AB glue and UV glue

As we all know, there are two kinds of glue commonly used in making glue drops: Ab glue (unsaturated epoxy resin) and uv glue (uv curing resin liquid).

Do you know the difference between the two glues?

The following is a comprehensive analysis of the characteristics and differences of the two glue drops from different dimensions:

1. From the perspective of curing mode:

AB adhesive is made up of A(main liquid) and B(curing agent) in proportion to each other.

UV adhesive is through the UV curing (UV lamp, or direct sunlight to obtain UV), belongs to the light solid.

2. From the curing speed:

AB adhesive at room temperature about 28 degrees, about 8 hours of curing.The higher the temperature, the faster the curing. In winter, it takes 2 to 3 days to cure at room temperature.(heating pad can be used to accelerate curing)

UV adhesive curing is not affected by temperature, UV lamp curing 1~2 minutes, sunshine curing 5~30 minutes.

3. From the perspective of transparency:

AB glue and UV glue after curing with high fullness and high transparency and crystal texture.

4. From the perspective of quality:

UV adhesive of the same volume is heavier than AB adhesive of the same volume.

5. From the perspective of smell:

AB adhesive B slightly odour, UV adhesive is divided into no odour or a slight odour two.

6. Usage analysis:

The price of AB glue is affordable, but the operation needs to be learned to A certain extent, the addition ratio of liquid A and liquid B needs to be practiced (assisted by the electronic scale), the novice is not sure 100 percent can be successful.But the general production of star bowl, the amount of glue larger glue hand, the choice of AB glue is often more economical.

UV adhesive (no shadow) due to the high price of raw materials photosensitizer, relatively speaking, slightly more expensive.But does not need to match the glue, is relatively simple to use, the novice first attempt success rate is high.Used with UV lamp, it can accelerate curing.It is recommended to make small delicate ornaments.

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